AMA Recap : Kephi Gallery & SleepEarn

As it was announced previously, the partnership between SleepEarn and Kephi Gallery is making important steps forward.

On August 20th, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session was conducted with representatives of both companies. The AMA was hosted in the Official Kephi Gallery Community, by Kephi’s Lead Ambassador jimmykwilson82 with Nico Verderosa — CEO/Co-Founder of Kephi Gallery and Sirhowy of SleepEarn.

Missed the AMA session with Kephi and SleepEarn?

No worries! You can read the transcript here:

Host: Good morning, afternoon or evening depends on where in the world you are tuning in from, Jimmy here Im super excited to be hosting our latest AMA session with Nico from Kephi Gallery and Sirhowy from SleepEarn.Fiannce to discuss in depth their partnership and the benefits they will both have from it.

We will start the AMA off by introducing our speakers and getting to know them a little, followed by questions we picked from our Twitter posts and to finish we will open the floor up for you guys to fire any questions their way you will have 2 minutes to drop all your questions so make sure you’re ready when we say, the chat will be MUTED during the AMA.
Our winners will be announced after the AMA, 10 winners receiving $50 each, competition winners need to be in BOTH TG groups to qualify!

Ok lets begin…
1st up Nico please introduce yourself for those who haven’t met you as yet and the importance of the partnership from Kephi Gallery side of things…Lets go 🙂

Nico: Hello everyone! Thanks jimmycrypto7 for hosting this AMA and it’s a pleasure to have SirHowy from SleepEarn here with us today.

To give you a quick summary about myself, I am also a KardiaChai n Ambassador, and have been working in the crypto industry in several positions within the Latin American market for the past year and a half.

As for the importance of this partnership…. Well we consider all our partners very important. But in this case, that gets doubled up for two main reasons

1) SleepEarn has quickly grown to become one of the most renonwed projects on KAI Ecosystem. Their reputation is flawless and their services top notch.

2) After a few calls with the team, we found out we had similar visions and ways to handle business and we really got along well. So we are more than happy to join hands with them in order to make the KardiaChain ecosystem grow. Not just our individual projects.

Host: Thanks alot Nico, it’s a pleasure to be working along side you guys, so many exciting opportunities by the sounds of it coming up for Both parties here! Amazing!

Your turn now Sirhowy and welcome, please tell the community a little about yourself and the partnership from SleepEarn perspective and what you guys have planned for the future! Thanks

Sirhowy: Thanks Jimmy for the great introduction and for hosting of course, fantastic to be here! And Thank you to Nico and everyone at Kephi Gallery for inviting us.

A little bit about myself; I’m a math and data geek at heart. Believe it or not I enjoy spreadsheets and building models, and actually do this for fun! Pretty sad I know. I spent about a decade of my early career as a professional gambler, in various forms such a poker, sports betting, fantasy sports and bet fair trading. This naturally progressed to trading into traditional markets, then eventually crypto and led me to my first Bitcoin purchase for $250 in 2015. Do you like my entry? To this day it’s still my best ever trade, as it brought me to this weird and wonderful world.

That all seems like a life-time ago as so much has happened and changed this then, but it’s been a wonderful experience watching the space grow and evolve, and all the incredible people I’ve met along the way.

Getting bored of the gamblers lifestyle I started getting more seriously into business almost ten years ago, and have built various businesses of different sectors and scopes, including founding and exiting one fairly large tech-start-up which is definitely my biggest achievement to date.

Luckily I discovered Kardiachain and got to know some of the team including Lew Tran in particular — back in May 2020; first as a curious investor but later as a huge admirer of the way Kardia run their business and handle all the difficult challenges that crypto inevitable throws your way. I couldn’t buy enough KAI during those early days!

As for the partnership with Kephi, it’s hugely exciting and a great opportunity for us to build exciting products together. As Nico says, the first calls were very encouraging. I instantly took a liking to the team and the way they operate and think. As with any partnership, it starts with one phone call and naturally evolves from there — but we already have a great amount of trust and respect for the Kephi team, and this boses very well for the future.

I don’t wish to giveaway too many of our plans beyond the first collaboration today. Sorry everyone! But we have many and we will continue to explore and innovate as we grow and learn together. As a self-professed math geek with a gambling background, I do see enormous potential in the first idea of NFT farming alone, in terms of how we structure the competition’s, incentivise the community, and create a fun and engaging game to collect NFT’s and an ecosystem to trade them too!

Okay okay I’m done. Over to you, Jimmy!

Host: He he Thanks alot Sirhowy I’m sure you could talk underwater but WOW what a journey you have been on, I bet there is a few that would be jealous of your $250 BTC entry ha ha. Amazing journey still ahead it seems, Thanks mate!

Ok great Intros guys, I will now post the questions from our Twitter post and let you guys answer as best as you can! Please say DONE at the end of the question so I know you’re ready to move onto the next 🙂

Nico: Let´s go!

Host: Nico this one is for you…..Thanks to gabrieliso for this question via twitter

Given the massive unattended LATAM market even when many countries within the region have a high percentage of crypto users (@StatistaCharts). What are some key strategies to attend the LATAM community, since after-all $KPHI’s HQ is in Argentina?

Sirhowy: Vamos Nico!

Nico: As you probably all know, I am from Argentina, in fact the whole core team is based in LATAM (Argentina & Colombia). My past experience working in the crypto industry (PrimeXBT, Huobi Global) and personal knowledge of the local market, has made me well aware of how to approach our primary objetive of becoming a beacon in the region for NFT artists and collectors.

Let me clarify, I say primary objective but we will not neglect other parts of the world. We know we have a big community in Vietnam (and for them we will have some great news next week) and of course our main target is the world itself.

But like the great Huy says, think big start small. It’s the only way to grow strong.

As for the strategies themselves. We already have the support of the biggest Youtube channels in the region, in fact one of them, Genera Tu Sueldo with 200K suscribers, is our official partner and he will have his own featured collection in our gallery.

We also have a media partnership with BeInCrypto in Spanish (one of the most viewed crypto media sites in the region)

Aside from that, we will make new partnerships with local crypto projects and art related actors (galleries, institutions, individual artists, etc.)

Host: I love it Nico…You say NEWS next week to, Hmmm we can’t wait for that I’m sure, starting off in your own backyard first then expanding is smart!

Nico: Exactly…cover home first.

Host: Ok Sirhowy it’s your 1st question…..Marix Gaming thanks via twitter says…

Witnessing both Project came from IFO of @beco_swap and gain much success on the launch now seeing both of them Cooperating for Partnership. My question is how this Partnership give advantage to the investor and what are the promising outcome that this will deliver to public?

Sirhowy: Thanks Jimmy and thank you to Marix Gaming for the great question. I mean, this is why we’re all here today right? Let’s get to it.

Host: Yes..Lets 🙂

Sirhowy: First and foremost, the partnership brings value to both projects in many ways. Kardia projects teaming up to help each other on this HUGELY promising network can only be a good thing; we want to build each other up and help the entire ecosystem flourish together rather than aggressively competing with each other.

Nico sharing this philosophy is hugely important to myself and everyone at SleepEarn.

Crypto is ALL about community in my view, so the advantage for a project to engage with another great community and introduce new people through the prism of an exciting partnership is a really valuable acquisition strategy and one we will continue to explore throughout our journey in the coming weeks and years.

Beyond that, the strength we can gain from learning from each other, sharing ideas and industry connections is something you can’t put a price on.

Speaking for myself having a decade of experience in building companies, I can say I’ve already learned new things from Nico and have been impressed by him. There are always news things to learn in business, and crypto particularly.

Nico and the Kephi team brings so much natural energy and enthusiasm it makes working together easy. I’m a Kephi token holder myself based on what I’ve learned about the project and trust I have in the team. Everyone in the space should have a bag!

The value the partnership brings will naturally bring value to the investors too; as the each project will become stronger, create new USP’s and ways to add value, and along with it more revenue to scale and grow.

This huge value creation that strengthens both projects will be passed on to the token holders — of course — with the natural evolution and growth brought about in the ecosystem.

Host: Thanks Sirhowy and what an Ecosystem it is, the investors want to see trust and we can see that already within the projects on the whole Kardiachain ecosystem!

Sirhowy: And of course, our communities will become aware of and gain access to new products and innovations, including, for example, access to exclusive NFT’s like the five uniques we’re creating for our first ever collaboration. I badly want to earn one myself! But maybe I’m not allowed? Nico?!

And just speaking of SEN specifically for a moment, our tokenomics are designed so the more products and revenue we generate — the more revenue gets paid out to SEN holders, so I have no doubt this partnership will benefit them and certainly Kephi too.

Host: Fantastic, $SEN holders will LOVE that!

Nico..Another question for you…..Eve Faith Anderson has a question via twitter…

Tell me more about your native token, is it inflationary? And how is it utilized on your platform? And what role does @sleepearn plays in your platform

Nico: Thanks Eve for the question

Kephi Token (KPHI) is Kephi Gallery’s own utility token. KPHI will be available for mining by those who use the platform to buy and sell NFTs. Aside from that, we will have a broad Loyalty Program in which KPHI will be used for benefits such as: Discounts on fees, NFT Airdrops, Special profile frames (to make your artwork standout)
Appear on KEPHI’S own collection…and many more!

KPHI has been deployed on KardiaChain and on Binance Smart Chain and it is not inlationary. We won’t ever mint more than what it’s already minted.

In fact you will see now 50M tokens on each blockchain, but that does not mean our full supply is 100M. We will always have no more than 50M tokens in circulation at any given time (in the future of course). The rest will be locked up in a proof of asset contract.

As for our partnership with @SleepEarn, we will have our vault there, so you can deposit KPHI-KAI LP and autocompound, and we will also have some very special NFT related vaults, which we will talk about them later in this AMA session.

Host: Ooo nice I’m sure the investors will be interested to hear about that, and me for that matter ha ha, ok lets move on 🙂

Sirhowy another question about tokens for you……Alisha Noi question via twitter is….

Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Sirhowy: Sure thing Jimmy. Thank yo Alisha Noi great question again and a very important piece of information for anyone hearing about us for the first time.

SEN has a capped supply of just 1,000,000 tokens, meaning no new tokens will ever be minted. This was actually one of the core features of the tokenomics that first got me interested as a potential investor during my due diligence process.

So… no more than one million SEN tokens will ever exist, and 90% are already distributed. The breakdown of which is as follows;

900,000 of the supply has been distributed to the community, first during the tokensale with our partners at Becoswap and later via staking on the Becoswap platform.

The remaining 100,000 are the team tokens, with 20,000 being used for the initial liquidity on Kaidex launch, and the remaining 80,000 in four time vested smart-contracts spaced out over a year. As follows;

Timelock 1 — Unlocks Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:00:00 AM (1633485600)

Timelock 2 — Unlocks Thursday, January 6, 2022 2:00:00 AM (1641434400)

Timelock 3 — Unlocks Wednesday, July 6, 2022 2:00:00 AM (1657072800)

Timelock 4 — Unlocks Thursday, July 6, 2023 2:00:00 AM (1688608800)

Host: Sirhowy, [20.08.21 10:46]
SEN has a capped supply of just 1,000,000 tokens, meaning no new tokens will ever be minted. This was actually one of the core features of the tokenomics that first got me interested as a potential investor during my due diligence process.

So… no more than one million SEN tokens will ever exist, and 90% are already distributed. The breakdown of which is as follows;

900,000 of the supply has been distributed to the community, first during the tokensale with our partners at Becoswap and later via staking on the Becoswap platform.

The remaining 100,000 are the team tokens, with 20,000 being used for the initial liquidity on Kaidex launch, and the remaining 80,000 in four time vested smart-contracts spaced out over a year. As follows;

Timelock 1 — Unlocks Wednesday, October 6, 2021 2:00:00 AM (1633485600)

Timelock 2 — Unlocks Thursday, January 6, 2022 2:00:00 AM (1641434400)

Timelock 3 — Unlocks Wednesday, July 6, 2022 2:00:00 AM (1657072800)

Timelock 4 — Unlocks Thursday, July 6, 2023 2:00:00 AM (1688608800)

Host: WOW….That’s some RARE tokens there, 1,000,000 ONLY you say…….Thanks for that detailed response 🙂

Ok last Twitter question for you Nico……Nhung Hong thanks for your question via twitter..

Congratulations. As I know there a fews of NFTs first minted. What is the mechanism of NFTs distribution that can attract small investors and overcome their hesitation about large investors?

Nico: Ok this opens the door to talk about the NFTs vaults!

— All you need to do is select one of SleepEarn’s special NFT vaults to stake your token or LP tokens. Once selected you simply stake as you normally would in one of their vaults, and you’ll immediately start earning towards NFT’s
— Kephi and SleepEarn will decide a set value for the NFT’s. Due to the nature of the math involved and changing variables (such as APRs), the price will be set and communicated closer to the launch. Each NFT will have the same price, and once you’ve earned that amount in staking you’ll earn one NFT. If you earn five times that amount you’ll earn five NFT’s, and so on..
— The particular NFT you are awarded is completely randomised. Therefore the cost of the rarest NFT will be the same as the cost of the most common. Small investors will have the chance to get the best NFT’s too. But naturally the more you stake the more NFT’s you earn, which is as it should be and is only fair.
— The NFT’s will then be tradable on the Becoswap Marketplace. You can trade out your duplicates for ones in the collection you don’t own yet.
— The first five users to hold the full collection of 32 NFT’s will be awarded a very special prize. One of the five “uniques” created in the image of renowned people in the Kardiachain ecosystem. As the first unique NFT’s minted by Kephi Gallery, we see this as a huge incentive to stake and earn all the NFT’s in this promotion.

Host: WOW……Now you’re talking……Bring it ON!!!!!!! Exciting times ahead!

Ok Sirhowy….Last Twitter question and then we will open the floor for you guys…Thanks to Alexander Roma for this question..

Will SleepEarn really only focus on providing yield generators with the highest APYs to benefit users? Or do you also plan to develop many other products that are also cross-chain compatible?

Sirhowy: thank you again Jimmy, and thanks for Alexander Roma for asking me this question as it gives me the opportunity to blab about something exciting which we haven’t revealed before!

But as with anything important I’ve discussed this with the team and we’re happy to talk about it now and reveal some plans, we we know it is technically achievable and something we want to do. Cross-chain is the phrase on everyones lips right now and our community regularly brings it up, so it’s become somewhat of an elephant in the room so to speak as we haven’t commented.

We believe in keeping a narrow focus in the early phase of the project; we’d rather do one thing extremely well than several things not so well. Just like Nico alluded to in one of his answers earlier.

And just to make it absolutely clear now, we believe cross-chain is absolutely within that focus too and is a big priority for us.

We’re the first yield aggregator on Kardiachain and want to maximise the first mover advantage, without question this is our primary focus.

That isn’t to say we don’t have big plans to branch out that we will explore down the track, because we absolutely do. I honestly have to keep myself from talking too much in the community about our plans as I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on the dev-team.

As always, security is priority one, two and three so I don’t want to create any unrealistic expectations on our devs. When it’s ready it’s ready. But I’m pretty damn excited about it all.

But right now, at this very minute, we’re keeping a laser focus on becoming the best yield aggregator we can be. There are so many enormous opportunities to take advantage of within this area.

As just one example, our devs are currently learning all there is to know about the dual node bridge and we’re getting prepared to implement cross-chain farming in the nearish future. And just to set the expectations clearly, it’s not weeks but it’s not several months away either.

We’re already in talks with a large DEX and yield farm on the BSC network (that everyones probably heard of) about a partnership and all the exciting things we can work together on.

Host: I love it when the teams say we can’t disclose too much, ha ha always means there are knowledge bombs about to be dropped soon! We will be waiting for that!

Ok that’s all of our twitter questions for now…We will open the CHAT for your questions so please be quick, we will pick a few each and get the guys to answer… Over to you!!!

Lovely Flower: What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?

Sirhowy: Hi Lovely Flower, thank you for the question and giving me the opportunity to explain this.

Our revenue model is very simple. We take 4.5% of the vault earnings. 1.5% goes to the dev team to fund operations and marketing. The remaining 3% is paid out to holders of SEN in our Maxi vault.

Therefore if you hold SEN, you will always receive a share of the profits.

Every-time we add a new product like the NFT vaults we’ll use the revenue generated from those products to increase the Maxi vault APRs further.

With this system we create buying pressure on SEN which increases the price (sorry Rose!).. and this increases TVL in turn which generates more income and more growth for SEN.

With a capped supply of just one million tokens, this is a very strong incentive to buy, hold AND stake the SEN token.

Host: Pays to hold SEN….! Nice

Jabez Francisco: Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Sirhowy: Thank you Jabez. And important topic for sure and maybe one not every project is keep to address — but this is obviously fundamental in crypto. Security is ALWAYS the first priority with no compromises on that.

First and foremost, I see a lot of people frame this as “safer than x”, which is nonense in my eyes. There is no “safer” in security. There is only safe and unsafe.

Our vaults were audited by the Kardiachain team and Lew Tran who confirmed the code is safe. And given the enormous respect and Kardia team has built already this is a strong reason to trust the project.

Beyond that, although we have a relatively small team right now, we do have three developers tho test out every new feature before releasing it. Plus we schedule with Lew Tran to go over the logic and a security audit.

Oh and I almost forget, the code is open source and can be viewed here;

Anna Angel: How secure is your platform to use? Have you done audits of smart contract? What security measures are adopted from bugs of smart contract and hacking?

Nico: We consider safety of utmost importance for any crypto project. This is why our token contract was audited by both KardiaChain (thanks Lew) and RD Auditors.

Our smart contracts underlying the NFT marketplace will be audited the same way.

We our lucky to have the full support of KardiaChain, and to have Lew Tran as our tech advisor, and our CTO, the dev team, and the great Lew will take care of the safety of the platform, to create a safe environment. You can check out our code here:

Host: Thanks Sirhowy and Nico, even Kardiachain claim projects on the ecosystem are RUG proof, it goes without saying security is their number 1 PRIORITY!!!

UnderDog Husky: what companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in future ?

Nico: We have some amazing partners!

We have partnered up with KardiaChain (of course), Becoswap (where we did our hugely succesful IFO — more than 2100% oversusbcribed with over 6M USD pledged), and SleepEarn.

We´ve also entered the NFT gaming field with MyDefiPet (another big pillar of the KAI ecosystem) and Faraland, two very renowned projects, which will have their own featured collections on Kephi Gallery.

And our last partner Rock’N’Block is our corner stone for the development of the platform (which you will get to have a sneek peak really soon)

They are partners with actors like Binance, Polygon, Tron Foundation and Changelly. I encourage you all to check them out.

Host: Ooooo exciting!!!!

Well ladies and Gents…….It’s been an absolute pleasure hosting this AMA with you guys, a special thanks to our speakers Nico and Sirhowy and thanks so much for your time and giving our community the information to take away with, what an exciting time to be ALIVE in crypto, Our winners will be announced and contacted in due time. Thanks again everyone stay safe x Jimmy

Sirhowy: Thank you Jimmy and Nico, and thank you so much to the Kephi community here — awesome experience!

Nico: Thanks @jimmycrypto7 for hosting this amazing AMA! Thanks @sirhowy for being here! please all join @SleepEarn and stay tuned for our NFT vaults there!

About SleepEarn

SleepEarn Finance is a decentralized, yield optimizer platform on the Kardiachain network that allows users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings by automatically maximizing rewards by staking in its vaults.

The main product offered by SleepEarn Finance are the ‘Vaults’ in which you stake your crypto tokens. The investment strategy tied to the specific vault will automatically increase your deposited token amount by compounding arbitrary yield farm reward tokens back into your initially deposited asset.

Check them out!

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