Buyback + Art purchase programme to be released

Last december we incorporated into Kephi’s platform, as a way to allow our community members to earn more KPHI and KAI tokens by playing.

As it was also mentioned in that announcement, the game is also a form of buyback programme: all earnings in KAI from the game go to buying back KPHI token from the market to boost its price.

All earnings in KPHI from the game, which is also available to play in, and those that are purchased via our buyback programme, will be used to purchase NFT artwork from the exchange that is being sold in KPHI.

Artwork purchased by Kephi through this programme will be given back regularly to community members at random that are holding the Private investor/IFO-IDO buyer NFT (which were already distributed!) at the time of the giveaway.

Private investor / IDO-IFO buyer NFT. If you are holding one of these, you are eligible to receive a giveaway NFT from the Artwork purchase programme!

We hope that this encourages our community members to continue creating high quality content, and at the same time it will provide our loyal early investors with more benefits as a token (no pun intended) of our appreciation!

The selection of which NFT will be purchased will be decided by Kephi Gallery’s Art commitee each time, and it will have to be artwork being sold in KPHI token. Announcements on when the artwork is purchased and given away to community members will be conducted regularly and depend on the earnings of the Kephi Game.



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