How to Participate in $KPHI Staking

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3 min readAug 8, 2022


Staking is about to begin and we are so excited to present to you the steps on how to easily stake $KPHI and earn up to 80% in rewards.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  1. You can easily buy them on: PancakeSwap or Kaidex
  • Kardiachain token: 0x6CD689DefCA80f9F2CBED9D0C6f3B2Cf4abc4598
  • BSC token: 0xfa4a5c4ce029fd6872400545df44675219c2e037

The Rules

On August 8th, 2022, Kephi will begin its 1st Staking Round.

There are some rules for this round, so please pay attention to the detailed rules and parameters:

  • The Staking contract will be deployed on the Kardiachain Blockchain
  • Users can deposit any amount of tokens with a minimum of 1 KPHI
  • Users can deposit KPHI at any time after August 8th, 2022, and until the staking program ends
  • Staking Period: Flexible. You can stake and unstake at anytime
  • Users can deposit KPHI multiple times
  • Users can withdraw deposited KPHI at anytime
  • After depositing KPHI, users will receive sKPHI as reward. This reward can be swapped by KPHI token at anytime
  • For the Earn rules, please check the Earn. section below
  • Annual Percentage Rate:

The user’s APR is not static and depends on the pool share, KPHI amount and token price. You can stake your tokens in a flexible period, APR increases/decreases depending on the amount of staked tokens.

The users who stake first will gain a maximum benefit due to a smaller number of participants and therefore receive bigger pool share.


  1. Go to
  2. Choose Kardiachain Network in MetaMask or from Kardiachain wallet.
  3. For BSC Holders, staking will be launched during September. Meanwhile you can use the bridge to move your BSC tokens to Kardiachain
  4. Select Kardiachain:

5. Make sure you have selected kardiachain network in metamask/kardiachain wallet. The Staking app will automatically connect your wallet. If you don’t select the proper network, the application won’t work.

6. Approve KPHI token

Once the contract has successfully been executed, the Stake button will appear:

7. When clicking on Stake button, you will see this screen:

Select the amount of KPHI to stake, and click Stake Button. That’s it :)

How to Claim rewards

Once you get some rewards, you will be able to claim them by clicking on Claim Rewards button:

After that, you will be able to swap your sKPHI to KPHI Token

Staking will start on August 8th, 2022 at 15:00 UTC.

Working together with partners

As you know, we are working together with Kardia Info team since December. We’ve been working already with Kardia price oracles and the KPHI game and have both been a very successful integration.

Now, as part of the loyalty program reservation tokens, we decided to make a new launch and work together on Staking 🚀



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