KAI — BSC Dual bridge live! Transfer KPHI from one chain to the other

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2 min readAug 25, 2021


Thanks to the hard work of the entire KardiaChain team, the new dual bridge between Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain is now live!

This means that the KPHI token bought on one chain can be transfered to be used on the other chain. The cost for using the bridge is 10 KPHI.

It is really simple, let’s take a look!

Short tutorial

  1. Go to the bridge at https://kaidex.io/bridge
  2. Connect your KardiaChain Wallet (top right of the screen) to link to KardiaChain
Connect your KardiaChain wallet

3. Connect your Metamask wallet (plugin) to link to BSC.

4. Select the chain you want to send your tokens from (red in the screenshot), and the chain you want to send your tokens to (blue in the screenshot). To swap the direction of the bridge, press the arrow between them (marked with a green arrow in the screenshot).

In this example, we will be sending tokens from KardiaChain to Binance Smart Chain. Press the arrow to invert this direction.

5. Approve the contract. You will only have to do this the first time.

Approve the contract

4. Select the asset to transfer (KPHI token), your destination address (Metamask address if you are tranfering from KardiaChain to BSC; your Kardia Wallet address if you are transfering from BSC to KardiaChain).

5. Specify the amount of tokens to transfer. Remember that currently the minimum swap amount is 510 KPHI (fee included). The cost for using the bridge is 10 KPHI.

6. Press Swap, confirm the transaction with your wallet (submit button in the KardiaChain wallet or the MetaMask wallet), and you are done!!!

Press Swap!

7. Go celebrate, you crossed the bridge!



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