Kephi + CriptoBrothers, to spread the NFT trend in Latin America

Kephi Gallery
2 min readOct 16, 2021

CriptoBrothers, a growing Spanish-speaking crypto channel in Latin America, is teaming up with Kephi Gallery to help spread the NFT trend.

Through their YouTube and Twitch channels the entretaining and well-versed hosts comment the latest news in the crypto world, create tutorials for beginners and provide much needed information about new and existing projects.

CriptoBrothers will have its own featured collection in Kephi Gallery, fostering community exchange between both projects, and the realization of joint events.

About CriptoBrothers

Started in 2021, this serious-yet-entretaining channel is building up quickly its own fanbase in Latin America, and their tutorials and live streams have over 24,000 visits.

CriptoBrothers is a growing crypto community, with several YouTube channels, Telegram groups and social networks. Their goal is to learn together about everything related to blockchain and the crypto world, generating a healthy and active community where everyone can contribute knowledge.

Check out their YouTube and Twitch channels.



Kephi Gallery

Kephi Gallery is a cross-chain, low fees, NFT marketplace where artists from different disciplines can get together and share (and monetize!) their work.