Kephi Gallery goes DeFi and joins hands with BecoSwap

Kephi Gallery
3 min readJun 28, 2021
Kephi Gallery partners up with Yield Farming, AMM Swap and Launchpad platform.

After a very successful first edition of KardiaChain Pioneer Program, in which Kephi Gallery achieved the first place, it was just a matter of time until the participants start to form strategic alliances. The competition’s runner-up, BecoSwap, is now and official partner of Kephi Gallery.

Through this alliance, Kephi Gallery will enter the DeFi world and gain access to the amazing features BecoSwap has to offer, expanding the use cases for KPHI holders.

Users will be able to trade KPHI tokens on KAIDEX and provide liquidity in order to have their tokens ready to join the yield farming on BecoSwap to earn BECO token.

Among the teams participating in KardiaChain Pioneer Program, BecoSwap has achieved numerous impressive statistics: official Telegram channel reached 15,000+ members within a month, while Twitter account has over 26,000 followers.

Nicolás Verderosa, CEO of Kephi Gallery said:

“All KardiaChain Pioneer Program participants had great platforms and projects, we are more than happy to join BecoSwap in partnership. Not only Yield farming with KPHI will be available, but we also will be announcing many more things (very) soon.”

About BecoSwap

BecoSwap is an established project as their dApp had already run on Binance Smart Chain. The team put a lot of effort into converting their SDK to run on the KardiaChain network during KardiaChain Pioneer Program.

After launching on KardiaChain for more than one week, BecoSwap still dominates KAIDEX as the #1 yield farm and AMM Swap in trading and volume total value locked. The project’s market cap is increasing daily, motivating users on the KardiaChain network to contribute and benefit themselves from the Beco ecosystem and KAIDEX. Besides current use cases, BecoSwap is aiming to build up a fully functional DeFi platform in the future which the following products:

  • Initial Farming Offerings (IFO): A new form of fundraising similar to IDO, but the asset used to participate in the fundraising will be LP token from the BECO-KAI liquidity pool on KAIDEX.
  • NFT Marketplace: The section for verified artists, offering users and fans access to artwork created by artists featured on BecoSwap. It allows users to bid or buy any of their favourite NFTs displayed.

Find out more about BecoSwap:

Website | Official Telegram| Medium| Twitter | Facebook |LinkedIn

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