Kephi Gallery launches the Official Ambassadors Program

Kephi Gallery
2 min readJul 22, 2021

We believe that one of the fundamental pillars for the success of any project is the community.

With our first public sale just around the corner and with the exponential growth of our own community, we have decided to launch the Official Kephi Gallery Ambassadors Program.

¿What is an Official Ambassador?

Those members of the community who demonstrate dedication, and who in turn support and share our vision and objective as a company and trust in the success of the project, will be considered to enter the Official Ambassadors Program.

The Ambassadors will have active participation in our social networks, imparting their knowledge and will act as a link between the community and Kephi Gallery core team, with whom they will have direct communication.

They will also be in charge of disseminating the vision and progress of the project on their own networks, creating content to develop brand awareness in an organic way.

As part of the Program, we will create a reward structure and organizational rules to ensure that it works properly and thus build lasting relationships.

Our first Official Ambassadors

In order to start this Program we have appointed a Lead Ambassador and six Ambassadors who will work directly side by side with the Community Lead and the Head of Partnerships.

Lead Ambassador:


This marks the beginning of the Official Ambassadors Program. The doors are open to any member of the community who meets the profile and is interested in being an active part of this project!

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