Kephi Gallery — Monthly Recap — June 2021

Kephi Gallery
4 min readJun 30, 2021
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Only one month since Point Zero, and Kephi Gallery is growing so strongly that we don’t even know where to begin to tell you the news… Let’s start in order then!

2021 KardiaChain Pioneer Program

Thanks to the support of the community, Kephi Gallery received first prize in the three-stage KardiaChain Pioneer Program 2021!

We want to thank the appointed judges Tri Pham, Huy Nguyen and Quan Nguyen, and everyone who voted for the project!!!

Kephi Gallery’s landing page, roadmap, light paper and tokenomics released

On June 18th, Kephi Gallery’s landing page was released to the public, where you can read all the information so far regarding the project, check the roadmap and download the light paper.

In light of the upcoming IDO, we also introduce KPHI tokenomics, contract information on both KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain blockchains (date and IDO platform TBA).

Check out all this new info here, and stay tuned for more!

Incredibly successful first airdrop!

The first airdrop has gone live, which has increased our Telegram and Twitter communities by over 30k members!

This amazing result has been an incredible boost in moral for the entire team, we’re so excited that we’re having trouble sleeping!

The airdrop will be distributed after the IDO has taken place (VERY soon!!!)

Amazing partnerships!

Ordered by date, here’s what’s been partnering up with Kephi this past few days:


The exciting new partnership with KardiaChain will help guarantee that Kephi has the best technology behind the curtain, to bring digital collectibles to all!

The partnership will result in the imminent use of the KardiaChain blockchain as the basis of Kephi Gallery’s products, and with extra benefits to the community, including airdrops and the opportunity for KardiaChain users to purchase KRC20 tokens, as well as the BEP20 tokens already deployed in Binance Smart Chain.

KardiaChain is a fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain platform, meaning that blockchains can connect to the network without the need for technical modifications to their own protocols. It uses a patent-pending double node structure to facilitate the connection between its own ledger and other blockchains, fragmentation for scalability, and smart contracts for developers.

Check out KardiaChain:

Beer Money

In this new alliance, Kephi Gallery has partnered up with Beer Money to exchange their strategic visions and encourage their communities to interact.

Beer Money is an exciting project that allow users to purchase beer in multiple pubs using the BEER token and other cryptocurrencies. BEER token, currently listed in multiple exchanges, will revolutionize the way beer is purchased and paid in multiple establishments through their state-of-the art mobile app. This will also entitle Beer Money token users to special discounts and other benefits.

Beer Money will have its own collection featured on Kephi Gallery and the artists their team chooses will be able to display their art there and get better exposure.

Check out Beer Money:


BecoSwap is an established project as their dApp had already run on Binance Smart Chain. The team put a lot of effort into converting their SDK to run on the KardiaChain network during KardiaChain Pioneer Program.

After launching on KardiaChain for more than one week, BecoSwap still dominates KAIDEX as the #1 yield farm and AMM Swap in trading and volume total value locked.

Through a new alliance with the amazing project BecoSwap, Kephi Gallery will enter the DeFi world expanding the use cases for KPHI holders.

Users will be able to trade KPHI tokens on KAIDEX and provide liquidity in order to have their tokens ready to join the yield farming on BecoSwap to earn BECO token.

Check out BecoSwap!

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