Kephi Gallery — Monthly Recap — October 2021

Kephi Gallery
4 min readNov 8, 2021
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The highly expected Q4 is here, and the platform release of Kephi Gallery is going according to schedule!

But that’s not all the good news we’ve had this month, let’s recap what else went down, so we can be excited for the things that are coming!

Stay tuned, the final tests for Kephi Gallery are on their way ;)

Kephi Gallery to integrate Chainlink

Kephi Gallery will integrate the industry-leading oracle network Chainlink. Kephi Gallery has integrated two Chainlink oracle services: Chainlink VRF for a verifiably tamper-proof randomness and Chainlink Price Feeds for accurate and secure cryptocurrency exchange rates.

By integrating these Chanlink-powered solutions, Kephi Gallery ($KPHI) users can now enjoy fairer circulation and stronger security of the $KPHI NFT rewards generation process, as well as more dependable exchange rates when buying and selling NFTs.

Chainlink integration to Kephi Gallery

Kephi integrates with Kardia Info for reliable pricing on KardiaChain ecosystem

Kephi Gallery is joining Kardia Info, the first oracle solution native of Kardiachain network. WIth its goal to become the central hub for all information regarding KardiaChain, Kardia Info aims to provide a single ‘go-to’ website on which the most up-to-date and accurate information about all the projects on KardiaChain.

This will allow Kephi users to know the price of any NFT in real time compared to any KRC-20 token, allowing them to make an informed decision when they choose to buy a digital collectible.

CriptoBrothers, to spread the NFT trend in Latin America

CriptoBrothers, a growing Spanish-speaking crypto channel in Latin America, is teaming up with Kephi Gallery to help spread the NFT trend.

Through their YouTube and Twitch channels the entretaining and well-versed hosts comment the latest news in the crypto world, create tutorials for beginners and provide much needed information about new and existing projects.

CriptoBrothers will have its own featured collection in Kephi Gallery, fostering community exchange between both projects, and the realization of joint events.

Mytheria and Kephi partner up

Mytheria joins the list of NFT games that are partnering with Kephi Gallery, following Faraland and MyDefiPet. Mytheria will have a dedicated gallery for their artists to showcase and trade their cards, and cross-marketing between the projects will encourage their communities to interact and grow together.

Mytheria is the first create-to-earn NFT game, where you can own, trade and auction astonishingly designed cards depicting gods from mutiple pantheons, including Greek, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian and Vietnamese. Players can even create their own gods to fight PvE and PvP.

Moniwar to partner up with Kephi

Moniwar, the upcoming epic puzzle game with a PvP and PvE mechanic, will be also joining the Kephi ecosphere, with a featured collection in Kephi Gallery to showcase their NFTs, and will be sharing cross-marketing strategies encourage both communities to interact.

The play-to-earn game revives a legendary dragon hunting game, now with built-in blockchain technology running on Binance Smart Chain. Through a series of puzzle battles, that you can share with your friends, epic PvP fights and PvE fights against fiercest Monsters, you can win valuable NFTs and earn MOWA tokens.



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