Kephi Gallery — Monthly Recap — September 2021

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Yes, Q4 just started. And as stated in our roadmap, this is the time to focus on the release of Kephi Gallery.

But we know that it doesn’t mean that all of our attention should be on development. So while you wait for the official platform release date (which is fast approaching ;), we want to share some of the exciting partners that we have been teaming up in the past few weeks in Kephi Gallery!

TribeOne to provide loans for Kephi users

TribeOne is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology.

Through TribeOne’s peer-to-peer (P2P) lending system, Kephi users and artists will be able to access different types of loans against crypto assets, including against NFTs. TribeOne also provides savings plans, NFT pool investments and high yield products.

DeHR to help bring the best human capital

DeHR brings a transparent digital solution to help companies in recruiting the best human capital with transparent information and qualification fitting their needs, especially if they are evolving in the crypto landscape.

At the same time, it brings a powerful tool for job-seekers to be connected and validated while accessing enhanced and tailored services resulting in a better experience in finding their ideal position.

In this context, with our continued goal to work towards the achievement of mass adoption of blockchain technology, and the growth of Kardiachain ecosystem, Kephi Gallery partners up with DeHR to support each other with community building & communication on social networks, increasing the visibility of both companies, and help build into the entire ecosystem.

Cổng Trời to share amazing artists

Built on KardiaChain, this high quality NFT gallery already offers a large collection of artwork, such as paintings, audio and video.

The two companies have agreed to introduce and recommend artists and collectors between marketplaces, conduct cross-marketing campaings to encourage their communities to interact, advancing to becoming key members of each other’s ecosystems.

Also, both marketplaces will add their partner’s token as a method of payment for trading NFTs.

Rekt.Army to bring new NFTs to Kephi

Many artists are eagerly awaiting for the inminent opening of Kephi Gallery to showcase their talents.

Rekt.Army, a new community of NFT artists, is partnering up to bring their beautiful collections into a featured gallery.

The partnership will also allow NFT airdrops and cross-marketing efforts. The listing of high quality digital artists like Rekt.Army into Kephi Gallery will ensure great content to be collected and traded.

Drunk Robots to go haywire on Kephi Gallery

This upcoming play-to-earn game based on BSC will have its own featured gallery in Kephi, where you will be able to find all your favourite drunk robots to be traded. Both projects will also share cross-marketing campaigns to encourage their communties to interact.

In the game, you collect robots and items while attempting a variety of missions, like robbing banks, racing, or participating in awesome dance-offs. You can even own your land and join a gang!



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