Kephi integrates with Kardia Info for reliable pricing on KardiaChain ecosystem

Kephi Gallery
2 min readOct 27, 2021

After having announced the integration with the blockchain giant Chainlink for reliable pricing and fair distribution of NFTs, Kephi Gallery is joining Kardia Info, the first oracle solution native of Kardiachain network.

WIth its goal to become the central hub for all information regarding KardiaChain, Kardia Info aims to provide a single ‘go-to’ website on which the most up-to-date and accurate information about all the projects on KardiaChain.

What is a price oracle?

It’s a smart contract that stores the prices of different tokens directly on the blockchain allowing our NFT Marketplaces to benefit from the knowledge of the prices of tokens.

This will allow Kephi users to know the price of any NFT in real time compared to any KRC-20 token, allowing them to make an informed decision when they choose to buy a digital collectible.

With Chainlink for Binance Smart Chain, and Kardia Info on KardiaChain, Kephi users will know the exact price of any NFT compared to many popular tokens on both blockchains!

Check out them out!

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Kephi Gallery

Kephi Gallery is a cross-chain, low fees, NFT marketplace where artists from different disciplines can get together and share (and monetize!) their work.