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2 min readMay 23, 2022

Wondering how to play and earn tokens in the exchange? Here are the rules!

Note: To play, you must have KardiaChain Wallet installed on your browser, or the KardiaChain Wallet application on your mobile device. Find a tutorial here to install it, or visit the Wallet section at Kephi Academy.

You can access the game through the menu, or go directly to

Access the game through the “Play” button on the menu

You can play in two tokens: KPHI or KAI. Your earnings will be in the token you choose.

Pick a token to play with and to earn


The game is very simple.

Players are given a random number, and have to bet if the next random number is going to be higher or lower than the one they were given.

If they are correct, they multiply their bet (KAI or KPHI) by the amount they previously select (anywhere from x1.01 → x4750).

An example

For example, check the following image.

When entering the game, the player was given 4810 as a random number (in red), and wants to bet 100 KAI (in blue) that the next number will be lower than 4810. The player selects a multiplier of 2 (in green); this means that if he is correct, he will recieve 200 KAI (100 KAI * 2 = 200 KAI).

The player will press the Bet Low button, to indicate that it will be lower.

Simple enough!

If you want more info on how the game works, you can read the details here.

Go play and enjoy making money!



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