Kephi to sponsor Cripto Latin Fest to bring Latin American artists

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2 min readNov 29, 2021

To bring more Latin American artists into the platform, Cripto Latin Fest, the largest and most influential crypto-encounter in Latin America, will have Kephi Gallery as one of its premium sponsors.

The event gathers hundreds of crypto fans and digital artists every year. This time, selected artists that want to showcase and monetize their art in Kephi Gallery will have their work sponsored in a CLF featured collection, and will be subject to discounts in their minting fees.

The event, which this year will take place both online (December 3rd and 4th) and in El Salvador (December 4th), first country to have approved Bitcoin as legal currency, will also include Kephi Gallery’s branding, and a cross-marketing strategy will be put in place.

Nicolás Verderosa, Kephi’s CEO, and guest speaker in the event, stated that

This is an amazing opportunity to bring Kephi into the Latin American market through the main door, since Cripto Latin Fest is one of the most important crypto events in the region.

If you haven’t enrolled yet in CLF, go before tickets run out!

About Cripto Latin Fest 2021

The 4th edition of the festival, which gathers hundreds of crypto fans every year, will be hosted both online and will have its closing ceremony in El Salvador during December. Check out their website for more information and tickets!

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