Massive response in the IFO for the KPHI token

The Initial Farm Offering (IFO) of the KPHI token took place on July 30th 2021, on , aiming to raise a total of $240,000 ($72,000 in the basic sale, up to $100 per investor; and $168,000 in the unlimited sale). After the IFO, the token went live to be traded .

The response of the community was massive.

Surpassing all previous IFOs in the environment, the total commited funds reached a 2154% overflow in the unlimited sale (yes, you read that number correctly) and 330% in the basic sale.

This translated to a maximum value of almost six million dollars in the unlimited sale, and $390,200 in the basic sale.

Basic and Unlimited sale results

We are overwhelmed. We cannot but thank the entire community for participating in this IFO, and giving such an undeniable support for the Kephi project.

This is not only a “successful launch” of our token.

It represents the drive, the excitement and the trust that our community has on the Kephi project.

Thank you. Thank you all.

This is just the beginning.

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