🏆WINNERS: Contest Nature+Life

After a very successful call, with more than 80 works submitted, the jury composed by Kephi Gallery and Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural have chosen the 16 works that will be exhibited at Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural from 03/31/22.

The works selected by the jury are:

In turn, of these 16 works, Espacio Bitcoin Cultural Center has selected 5 that will be purchased by Kephi Gallery and donated to the Cultural Center. They are:

Congratulations to all the winners and we are very grateful to all the participants, we look forward to seeing your work in future contests.

An invitation to dialogue and rethink our heartbeat in the world

Through canvases, installations, sculptures, music, digital works of augmented reality, NFT and other artistic expressions, the contradiction between the wonder of the world in which we live and the destructive actions that are carried out daily is manifested.

NATURE + LIFE expresses our passion for caring for the planet and life. We understand that in the fusion between new technologies, decentralized systems, nature, art and social inclusion we will find the right path, a space for dialogue and concrete actions aimed at building a better world.

Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural, GBM, Kilimo, Kephi Gallery, Zewan and Zurbaran join in this challenge and invite you to participate in the art exhibition NATURALEZA + VIDA at Espacio Bitcoin Centro Cultural (Marcelo T. de Alvear 405, from March 31st).




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