Kardia Info’s Oracle and Game franchise has been integrated in Kephi Gallery

The is moving forward, and Kardia Info’s Oracle has now been fully integrated into the gallery’s backbone, to provide a reliable, real time price feed for the KPHI token.

is the first oracle solution native of Kardiachain network, that aims to provide a single ‘go-to’ website on which the most up-to-date and accurate information about all the projects on KardiaChain.

Also, will also be available at the Kephi landing page as well. In the game, players bet or for a chance to multiply them by up to 4750!

“This is the first step to an ecosystem wide franchise that will make Kardia Info stand out and will be mutually beneficial its partners.” said Kardia Info´s CEO.

Earning’s from the game will be destined to the buyback programme for KPHI to improve the token’s price.

To play with KPHI:

To play with KAI:

Kardia Info´s game

, but basically players are given a random number, and have to bet if the next random number is going to be higher or lower than the one they were given. If they are correct, they multiply their bet (KAI or KPHI) by the amount they previously select (anywhere from x1.01 → x4750).

For example: In the next image, the player was given 4810 as a random number, and decides to bet 100 KAI that the next number will be lower than 4750 (indicated below the Bet Low button). The selected multiplier was 2, so if the next random number is lower than 4750, the player will win 200 KAI.

Simple enough!

Read the , , and enjoy making money!

Check out Kardia Info!




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