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5 min readAug 2, 2021
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Unbelievable that only two months has passed since Point Zero, so much has been going on with Kephi Gallery!

Let’s recap, and remember that all details for each of these stories can be found in our Medium.

Massive response to the Kephi Token (KPHI) IFO

The moment we’ve all been waiting finally arrived!

The IFO (Initial Farm Offering) for the KPHI token was launched on BecoSwap IFO platform, on Friday July 30th, 1 p.m. (UTC).

The IFO aimed to raise a total of $240,000 ($72,000 in the basic sale, up to $100 per investor; and $168,000 in the unlimited sale). After the IFO, the token went live to be traded on Kaidex.

Surpassing all previous IFOs in the environment, the total commited funds reached a 2154% overflow in the unlimited sale (yes, you read that number correctly) and 330% in the basic sale. This translated to a maximum value of almost six million dollars in the unlimited sale, and $390,200 in the basic sale.

Basic and Unlimited sale results

KPHI token smart contract audited successfully

As we end our last steps planned for Q2 in the roadmap, The smart contract for the KPHI token was audited by RD Auditors.

According to the excecutive summary of the 18 page report provided by the security experts, the KPHI smart contract is classified as “well-secured”, with no security issues (0 critical, 0 high, 0 medium, 0 low and 0 very low).

In summary, the report by RD Auditors concludes that the contract is “written systematically” and “ready to go for production”.

Read the full report

Official Ambassadors Program launched

We have decided to launch the Official Kephi Gallery Ambassadors Program. Those members of the community who demonstrate dedication, and who in turn support and share our vision and objective as a company and trust in the success of the project, will be considered to enter the Official Ambassadors Program.

The Ambassadors will have active participation in our social networks, imparting their knowledge and will act as a link between the community and Kephi Gallery core team, with whom they will have direct communication.

As part of the Program, we will create a reward structure and organizational rules to ensure that it works properly and thus build lasting relationships.

Check out who are our first Official Ambassadors here!

New amazing partnerships!

My DeFi Pet

In a new move towards mass adoption of NFTs, Kephi Gallery has partnered up with MyDeFiPet, one of hottest NFT virtual games in the market, that combines DeFi + NFT pets + your own personality!

Besides encouraging their individual communities to interact, the partnership aims to integrate both the KPHI and DPET tokens on the ecosystem of each other to further expand the capability of cross-chain DeFi and NFT.

Whitepaper | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Facebook


In yet another move into the NFT gaming field, Kephi Gallery has joined hands with Faraland, a multiplayer RPG NFT game that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.

Through this partnership, Kephi Gallery and Faraland will exchange communities, share events and even list Faraland’s amazing NFTs on a featured collection on Kephi Gallery.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | Fanpage


To improve transparency and usability throughout the NFT marketplace, Kephi Gallery partnered up with UTU. UTU is pionneering new models of digital trust to help online businesses and cosumers engange and transact in an easier, safer and more trustworthy way.

The UTU Trust API into the Kephi Gallery marketplace, users will get personalized recommendations and ratings from similar buyers and sellers. It will also give users the ability to add badges and video stories to further improve the quality of reviews.

This will benefit artists by making their work more visible to their niche, while improving substantially the customer experience for collectors.

Website |Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Reddit | YouTube | Facebook


The partnership with the monster news website will emphasise on media reach, particularly in the Latin American markets.

The portal specializes in crypto technology, privacy, financial technology, and the Internet, among other related topics. The website’s main goal is to inject transparency into an industry plagued by false reporting, sponsored articles that don’t specify, and paid news masquerading as honest journalism.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube Channel | Facebook


Kephi Gallery joins GTS (Genera Tu Sueldo), one of the Spanish-speaking channels with more visits and engagement on YouTube.

GTS will have its own featured collection in Kephi Gallery, fostering community exchange between both projects, and the realization of joint events. With 182,000 subscribers, GTS has become one of the largest Spanish-speaking crypto channels. Due to the great potential that cryptocurrencies have, it has focused on this niche, providing opportunities with great potential to the entire community.

YouTube Channel| Telegram Channel |Twitter |Instagram

AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions

On July 21, 2021, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Kephi Gallery was held on Crypto Legacy LATAM’s Telegram channel.

Missed it? Check the full transcript here

On July 9th, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session was conducted with Kephi Gallery & My DeFi Pet in the Official MyDeFiPet Telegram group,

Missed it? Check the full transcript here

On July 7th, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session was conducted with Kephi Gallery & BecoSwap in the Official KardiaChain English Community.

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